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Capture your important moments in a really unique way. Make your very own postcard from photos of your experiences, even with an individual frame using our templates. Surprise and please your friends or keep it for yourself as a special memory!


The first postcard is free, and after that every postcard to an address in Hungary costs HUF 899.




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We print and deliver e-postcards
with the following delivery times from the confirmation of the order:

in Hungary: usually 2 to 5 working days

to EU member states: usually 4 to 7 working days

to countries outside the EU: usually 6 to 12 working days


made in superb quality on at least 300g/m2 paper,

sized 110 x 148 mm and

gloss laminated for extra vibrancy

How do I send a postcard?

With the app you can edit the front of the postcard from photos saved on your phone, which can be expanded with templates, filters, and custom effects.
On the back, the text and recipient information must be entered (or selected from previous).
You can send a postcard in an envelope or without it.
The postcard you add to the cart can be finalised or you can start editing it again.
The discount coupon can then be validated.
Once your order has been finalized, you will be required to provide billing information (or select it from previous).
Payment is made by credit card, suitable for online payments, on the website of the payment service provider of Magyar Posta Zrt., which operates in accordance with the rules and security regulations of international card companies. (More information is available at
Upon successful payment, confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided, and the custom postcard will be automatically generated and mailed.

How much does a postcard or service cost?

Postcard generation and mailing fee:
Gross postcard generation and postage fee:

  • Domestic: HUF 899
  • Abroad - to European Union countries HUF 1229
  • Abroad - to countries outside the HUF 1556

The charges shown include priority handling and, if required, the cost of the envelope.

How do I know my order was successful?

After a successful card payment transaction, the message of "Sender - Postcard Confirmation: 'Order ID ………………'" sent to your email address will indicate the successful order. Within 15 days of the order, the Company shall issue an electronic invoice to the Customer at the e-mail address specified in the order, using the given name and address data.

When does the recipient receive the postcard?

We will print the ordered e-postcards together with the address within 2 business days of order confirmation. Then it will be delivered as ordinary priority mail. Indicative processing time:

  • Domestic: 2-5 business days
  • Abroad - to European Union countries: approx. 4-7 business days
  • Abroad - to countries outside the European Union: approx. 6-12 business days

Does the app save the data of recipients and billing recipients?

The details of the recipients of the sent postcards and of billing recipients are stored in the application, so they can be re-selected in any future order. After deleting the application, the data stored there will be deleted.

How can we address the ePostcard?

Heading lengths had to be limited to a maximum of 25 characters due to printing area limitations. Where space is limited in a row, it should be shortened appropriately
Data to be filled in for a domestic address:

  • Name
  • Postcode: a four-digit number consisting of numbers
  • Destination: name of the town
  • Closer address: street, house number, floor, apartment number, etc .
  • Country name: by default, Hungary will not appear on the postcard.

Information to be filled in for a foreign address:

  • Name
  • Postcode / ZIP code: 0 0 0 0 (must be filled with four zeros)
  • Place of destination: name of town, Postcode/ ZIP code (Postcode must appear before or after Destination, in the same row
  • Closer address: street, house number, floor, apartment number, etc. / Address
  • Country: By default Hungary; you should choose the right country. It will appear on the postcard.

How important is it to choose the correct country name as part of the address?

For recipients, choosing the correct Country Name is extremely important, as the application sets the article and the fee to be paid based on the chosen destination (domestic, international). Choosing the correct Country Name is also important for the billing recipient, as this can also have a pay-related effect.

What will be the quality of the printed postcard?

  • All postcards are printed on high quality, minimum 300 g/m2 paper.
  • Postcards are of 110 x 148 mm size, with 2-page colour layout, cut to size, wrapped on the front.

What can I do if my upload fails?

The most common cause of such an error message is the disconnection or inadequate bandwidth of your Internet connection, even if your mobile phone shows that your Internet connection is adequate. You may want to try sending the postcard again at a different time or place.

What can I do when I receive a failed payment message?

The most common cause of such an error message is the disconnection or inadequate bandwidth of your Internet connection, even if your mobile phone shows that your Internet connection is adequate. In this case, it is advisable to try sending the postcard again at a different time or place, if you have verified that the payment transaction was executed by the payment service provider despite the failure message, in which case you will receive confirmation of the order to the email address provided.

How can I reach Customer Service?

By letter: Magyar Posta Zrt. Customer Service Directorate, 3512 Miskolc
By telephone: 06-1-767-8282
Monday to Wednesday and Friday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am-8pm