Quality and Environmental Management

One of Magyar Posta’s primary objectives is to ensure that the quality of the services it provides meets the expectations of its customers in this regard. The management and all the staff are committed to improving the Company’s operation and raising the level of customer satisfaction.

The Company acknowledges the need and importance of protecting the natural and social environment. It is committed to the preservation and improvement of the environment. It pays particular attention to coordinating social, corporate and environmental interests and balancing these bearing in mind the principle of sustainable development.

The Company states its commitment to quality, to the environment and to rational energy consumption in its policy statement.

We are proud of the quality results we have achieved in handling and conveying almost 1 billion items of mail at an annual level.

Our mission

To ensure that our customers’ needs and the owner’s expectations are satisfied at a high standard and our employees prosper through modern solutions founded on our traditions.


To gain our customers’, partners’ and competitors’ recognition by our fair market behaviour, reliable operation and the excellence of our services.


  • Courage: Being initiators in the market, daring to try new solutions both outwardly and in our internal operation.
  • Fairness: Honest practices, giving value for money, and demanding fairness in business of ourselves.
  • Consistency: Carefully preparing our business proposals and requiring our suppliers to act in line with the terms of these.
  • Respect for traditions: Marketing products and services tailored to 21st-century needs based on the experience and knowledge gained over some 150 years. A cornerstone of reliability is preserving traditions to the necessary extent in operations.
  • Loyalty: Striving to establish predictable and long-term cooperation with our customers, interest groups in the postal sector and our employees.
  • Dynamism: Mobility in market competition means speed and flexibility, which is essential when doing business.
  • High standards: Providing high quality services, employing a skilled workforce and collaborating with reliable suppliers.

The efforts made by Magyar Posta to provide high standard services and its quality of service are demonstrated by ISO certificates and prestigious awards issued by Hungarian and international external independent organisations.