A képen egy postahivatal, egy postaláda, egy ügyfélszolgálatos hölgy és postás autók láthatóak.


We are not all the same. Some of us like going to the post office and trust arranging our affairs in person most, while others prefer to use their phone or computer to shop, communicate or organise their business. But the one thing we have in common is that speed, accessibility, convenience and price are important for all of us.
At Magyar Posta, we constantly strive to provide services that satisfy both types of needs.

A képen egy postahivatal piktogramja látható.


we are the postal operator with the biggest network in Hungary.

A képen egy biciklin ülő postás piktogramja látható.


work every day throughout the country to ensure that your letters, parcels and payments reach their intended destination on time irrespective of geographical distances.

A képen egy postás kombi piktogramja látható.


are covered by postal vehicles each year!


A képen Magyarország térképének piktogramja látható.

On 1 January 2013 Magyar Posta joined the liberalised postal market of the European Union. Under the Postal Services Act, Magyar Posta is designated to perform the tasks of the universal service provider until the end of 2030. In this capacity, we have the statutory opportunity and obligation to ensure that all citizens have access without discrimination to postal services that meet the basic needs of customers.
In this spirit, we work to provide services at affordable prices by means and at a technological standard that are accessible to everyone anywhere in Hungary.


A képen egy boríték látható.

Magyar Posta delivered more than 482 million domestic letters including almost 70 million registered letter-mail items in 2020.
And since February 2019, similarly to parcels, tracking has been available for domestic registered letters as well on the posta.hu website and through our mobile application under Tracking in the menu. If you want to check the progress of your letter, click here.
You can post your letter, postcard or picture postcard at any post office or pop it into one of the familiar red post boxes to be found in streets all over the country.


A képen egy csomag látható.

We delivered about 45 million parcels in 2020.
Magyar Posta is the market leader in the courier, express and parcel (CEP) market. Of all the Hungarian courier companies, we were the first to set up a parcel terminal network.
To cater for the growing volume of parcels and to satisfy changing consumer expectations cost-effectively, Magyar Posta launched its MPL+ parcel logistics project in 2019. As part of the project, the country’s largest logistics plant to date was completed in Fót in 2020. Székesfehérvár is home to one of the most important postal plants in western Hungary. This was relocated in November 2020, an area of about 3,000 m2 of the new logistics plant entering into service in the first phase, expanding to a total of 5,560 m2 by the end of March 2021. Further depot expansions were planned by Magyar Posta in 2021, and in the same year the automation of the plants also started in at least 4 locations (Győr, Debrecen, Fót and Szekszárd), including the preparation of IT solutions supporting the logistics infrastructure.
Alongside home delivery, picking up parcels in person is now also available. Today parcels can be collected, in many places 24 hours a day, at petrol stations and retail outlets as well as through the postal network.


A képen egy csekkszelvény látható.

In 2020, about 173 million bill payment forms worth a total of HUF 1,925 billion were settled at post offices. However, payment no longer has to be made in person at post offices. Over recent years, Magyar Posta has introduced electronic solutions for bill payments. Our iCsekk application is highly popular as it means bills can be paid conveniently in just a few seconds anywhere at any time. The number of our bill payment app users is growing dynamically. In 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, more people than ever chose this modern bill payment solution instead of paying bills at the post office. The combined effect of iCsekk and partner bill payment solutions in 2020 resulted in over 8 million bills being paid through the application, amounting to almost HUF 80 billion in value. Customers also like our bill payment terminals, which also ensure fast and flexible payment. Our terminals are located at the busiest post offices and in shopping centres.


A képen egy malac persely látható.

Thanks to its nationwide network, Magyar Posta is accessible to everyone everywhere. Customers trust Magyar Posta and willingly choose from the financial services mediated by us. Today, our government bond portfolio of over HUF 850 billion represents a significant part of all domestic private government bonds issued. The amount of private savings held at post offices is growing continuously.


A képen egy bélyeg látható.

Hungarian stamp issuance is as old as Magyar Posta, and over the last 150 years we have released 5,500 stamps. Hungarian stamps have spread the country’s good reputation all over the world for many decades, and the stamp designs of Hungarian graphic artists win prestigious international prizes year in year out. Our stamps are characterised by creativity, innovation and high-standard execution. The latest stamp specialities are available on our website, where visitors can browse philatelic news and even purchase the selected stamps in our webshop.