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Collection 24 hours a day

Payment by bank card

In well-frequented places throughout the country

The most modern way to receive a parcel


Cash dispensers, ticket machines, vending machines... the world is becoming ever more convenient.

In 2014 Magyar Posta contributed to this with a new solution.
Modern parcel terminals were located at several dozen well-frequented places in cities around the country.

In essence parcel terminals consist of an interface with a screen and different-sized lockers which hold parcels.
Parcel terminals make collection fast – all you need is your own phone number and the code you received and you can access your order straight away.
What’s more, they can be used 24 hours a day.

There’s no doubt about it – this is the future and the use of Parcel Terminals will spread rapidly in Hungary, too.

Look out for the most modern collection method in your favourite web stores.

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Parcel Terminals are accessible 24 hours a day throughout the country.

You don’t have to make an extra trip to collect your parcel as the majority of Parcel Terminals are located at well-frequented places in shopping centres where you go anyway.
Check the map to see which is on your route.

You can collect your order simply and quickly, accessing your parcels by pressing a few buttons.
See how it works.

The terminal offers you a discreet solution – you don’t have to order parcels to your home address or workplace.



What is a parcel terminal?

Introduced in the spring of 2014, there is now a new, convenient way to collect online orders by pressing a few buttons. When placing an order, you can choose the terminal where you’d like the parcel to be delivered

How can I order to a Parcel Terminal?

When making a purchase from a web store, you simply have to choose the Parcel Terminal delivery method. To find out which web stores definitely offer this method of delivery, click on HOW CAN YOU ORDER.

How can I collect my order?

When your parcel has arrived, you will be notified by SMS and e-mail and given the code which you will need to collect it. Enter this code and your phone number on the screen of the terminal and immediately the locker containing your order will open. If your parcel has been posted with the payment-for-goods service (cash on delivery), you can pay the required amount at the terminal using your bank card. The locker will open after payment has been made.

Who can use the Parcel Terminal?

Anyone can use a Parcel Terminal – individual customers and companies alike. Contracted senders of parcels can obtain more information from their personal sales executive.

Where are the Parcel Terminals located?

Check the map here.

How popular are Parcel Terminals abroad?

Parcel terminal networks operate in many countries around the world and their number and popularity is steadily increasing. For example, there are currently 2,500 parcel terminals in Germany.

How fast will I receive my order?

Once the web store compiles the ordered goods and hands over the parcel to Magyar Posta for delivery, the parcel will arrive in the Parcel Terminal on the 2nd working day following the day of dispatch (or on the day following the day of dispatch if the web store indicated a 1 working day delivery time) and we will send you an electronic notification of its arrival.

How safe is my parcel in the Parcel Terminal?

The parcels’ safety is protected by both mechanical and electronic security elements, and the lockers are protected against water damage caused by the weather. (However, it should be noted that terminals are not heated or cooled.) The terminals are located outdoors in busy places. The safe collection of parcels is guaranteed by a CTTV system and automatic lighting.

Isn’t it dangerous to use the terminals at night?

The illumination at Parcel Terminals ensures good visibility around them. Furthermore, similarly to ATMs, video recordings are made during the use of a terminal and these can be used in justified cases.

How frequently are the lockers filled?

Twice a day.

What happens if there is no free locker at a Parcel Terminal?

If a parcel cannot be placed in a locker when a terminal is filled in the morning, there is usually an empty locker in the afternoon. If nevertheless it is still full, we will contact you by phone to agree about any other delivery method. These include next day delivery at the terminal, delivery to the door (which can be at the place where you work), or delivery at a Postal Point or a MOL Postal Point.

Can more than one parcel be put in the same locker?

No, each locker can only contain one parcel.


How can I send a parcel addressed to a Parcel Terminal?

MPL Business Parcels can be addressed to a Parcel Terminal. You can address an MPL Business Parcel to a Parcel Terminal by writing the name of the addressee and the address of the Parcel Terminal on the address label. Click here to see the Parcel Terminal addresses. In order to notify the addressee, we need their e-mail address and a phone number suitable for receiving an SMS text message. You can prepare the address label necessary to post a Net Parcel by using the online address label completion program. Please take care to write the addressee’s details accurately.

Can I send a parcel addressed to a Parcel Terminal using the “Addressee pays” service?

At present this service is not available for parcels addressed to a Parcel Terminal.

I wish to send my parcel from a Parcel Terminal. Is this possible?

Yes, this highly time-efficient and modern postal service has been available since November. For further information click here.

How can I send a parcel from a Parcel Terminal?

To send a parcel from the terminal, you have to make an address label online ( click HERE).

After completing the address label (which does not require registration), you will receive an 8-digit code by e-mail. Go to a terminal and enter the code. Your self-adhesive address label will be printed. Stick this onto your parcel and then scan the bar code on the address label. Choose a suitable locker from the range shown on the screen by touching.

Pay the postage by bank card. After payment, your chosen locker will open and you can place your parcel in it.
Did everything go smoothly? Press OK and wait for your receipt to be printed by the terminal.

I want to send more than one parcel. Can I put them into one locker if they fit in?

No, each parcel must be put into a separate locker.

By what time must I send a parcel from a Parcel Terminal if I want to make sure that it reaches the addressee by the next day?

If you choose a 1 working day time guarantee and place your parcel into the terminal by 2 pm, the addressee will certainly receive it on the next working day.

How can I pay the postage?

You can pay the postage given on the address label at the terminal using a bank card. Paying the postage is classified as a purchase.

Who can help me if the locker does not open?

This should never happen if you have entered the code received by e-mail, scanned the bar code with the terminal’s readerand paid the postage. If nevertheless such a problem occurs, contact customer service to inform them about it by touchingthe Help tile on the screen or, if it’s more convenient, by phoning us on +36-1-421-7282.

Can I receive an invoice for the dispatch?

The terminal only issues a receipt, not an invoice. If you need an invoice for the dispatch, you should post the parcel at a post office.

Can the address for delivery be the same as the address for dispatch? (I place the parcel in a terminal and want the addressee to receive it from the same terminal)

Yes. In this case the addressee may collect the parcel from the terminal on the next day at the earliest.

What happens if there is no free locker to send a parcel at the terminal?

The terminals are emptied several times a day, so this is most unlikely to happen. If nevertheless it does happen, please try sending your parcel later.

I have a different question.

If you have a different question, our 24 hour Customer Service will be happy to help.
You can put your question by touching the Help tile on the screen. If you wish to ask your question by phone, call +36-1-421-7282.


What can I order and what can I send to a Parcel Terminal?

Any object or article that is not prohibited from transport by post by law or by Magyar Posta’s General Terms and Conditions which, after wrapping, is not larger than 50 x 31 x 35 cm and weighs no more than 20 kg. The value of the goods and the amount of the payment for goods (cash on delivery) may not be more than HUF 200,000.

I read that the maximum size for a parcel that can be sent to a Parcel Terminal is 50 x 31 x 35 cm. Can I send a 40 x 40 x 6 cm parcel?

Unfortunately, not. The Parcel Terminal’s locker sizes are fixed and, even if two sizes are shorter, this parcel would not fit into a locker as its third side is 40 cm.
We suggest that you send your parcel to a MOL Postal Point or a post office, where collection is similarly flexible. For more information, see www.postapont.hu

How can I track my parcel?

A parcel may be tracked by giving its identification number on our website.

The web store informed me that they cannot send my parcel worth HUF 210,000 to a Parcel Terminal. Why?

At present, the value of parcels that can be sent to a Parcel Terminal may not exceed HUF 200,000. However, you have the option of asking for your order to be delivered at a Postal Point.

I want to pay for my order when I receive it at the terminal. Is this possible?

Yes, you can pay the price of the goods ordered to a Parcel Terminal at the terminal before receiving it using a bank card.


How will I know that my parcel has been placed in the Parcel Terminal?

We will send you notification by SMS text message and e-mail, which will also contain your individual collection code. (Don’t share this with anyone.)

How can I take my parcel out of the terminal?

To take the parcel out, all you need to do is to enter the code received by SMS and e-mail as well as your phone number on the touch screen of the terminal. It only takes a second. If you haven’t paid for the price of the goods before and your parcel was sent with the payment for goods (cash on delivery) service, your locker will only open after you have paid by card.

Can someone else collect my parcel addressed to a Parcel Terminal?

Magyar Posta will only send the code to the addressee. If you then let someone else know the code and the phone number used, then naturally yes. (The operating principle resembles that of an ATM.)

I noticed that the Parcel Terminals are quite high. A short or weak person may not be able to reach the higher lockers and wouldn’t be able to take out a parcel.

When placing an order, you can request a locker with easy access. This means that parcels are placed in lockers under 130 cm high.

How long do I have to collect my parcel?

Parcels are stored in the terminal for 2 working days. The notification sent by SMS and e-mail contains the deadline by which the parcel must be collected.
If you cannot pick it up within the given time slot, we will send another text message to let you know where you may collect your parcel within the 5 or 10 working day retention period specified by the web store in advance.

I read on the web store’s page that delivery can be requested to a Parcel Terminal and that the delivery fee is more advantageous, too. Is it difficult to collect a parcel?

The use of the terminals is very simple. They are located at busy places which are easy to access. If you encounter any problems during collection, our customer service staff will be happy to help.

Do I need my identity card for collection?

No, the locker will open after you enter your phone number and the identification code.

I am disabled. I can see that some of the lockers are high up. What happens if my parcel is put into a high locker?

When making an order, inform the web store that you need an easy access locker.

How will I find the terminal within a shopping centre?

A list of the exact locations of the terminals is given in a table. To see it, click here.

There is no Parcel Terminal where I live. What other options do I have?

You can collect your parcel at a MOL petrol station or a post office if you choose the Postal Point delivery option when making the order on the web store’s page.

What happens if I don’t collect the parcel within the time given in the text message or e-mail?

If you can’t collect your parcel during the time available, you will receive another text message informing you of the address of a post office nearby and how long the parcel will be held for collection there. You will have 5 or 10 working days to collect the parcel dependent on the retention period the web store chose for the parcel at the time of dispatch.

Is there a storage fee if I don’t collect the parcel from the terminal but from a post office?

There is no storage fee. You can collect your parcel at a nearby post office without paying any further fee.


I want to order something from Vatera but it doesn’t let me address it to a Parcel Terminal. What can the reason be?

Please check whether and how you have given the following data:

  • Addressee’s telephone number and e-mail address
  • Weight of the item (max. 20 kg. If it weighs more than this, a Parcel Terminal cannot be chosen.)
  • Dimensions of the item (max. 50 x 31 x 35 cm. If it is larger than this, a Parcel Terminal cannot be chosen.)
  • Value of the goods (max. HUF 200,000. If it is worth more than this, a Parcel Terminal cannot be chosen.)
  • Amount of payment for goods (max. HUF 200,000. If it costs more than this, a Parcel Terminal cannot be chosen.)
  • Destination city (You may only ask for a city where a Parcel Terminal operates. If you enter any other place name, the Parcel Terminal delivery method remains inactive.)

This morning I did not receive a notification about the arrival of my parcel. Will I now only be able to collect my order tomorrow?

Not necessarily. Our delivery postmen visit the terminals twice a day. It is possible that your parcel will be placed in the terminal when it is filled in the afternoon.

Why didn’t I get a notification about the arrival of my parcel?

We send notification to the e-mail address and telephone number received at the time of dispatch. If these details are inaccurate, that may be the reason for not receiving notification. Please check that the details given are accurate. If they are not and you plan to make regular purchases from this web store, you should also correct your details given at registration in order to avoid similar problems in the future.

What can I do if the Parcel Terminal is out of order and I can’t receive my parcel?

If you find a faulty terminal, please tell Customer Service by phoning +36-1-421-7282.

What happens if there is no parcel in the terminal?

If you have received a text message about the arrival of your parcel and you confirmed the details with a green tick at the terminal, such a situation cannot arise. If nevertheless it does, please advise Customer Service by touching the Help tile on the screen.

What happens if the contents of the parcel are not what I ordered?

If this happens and the other details of the parcel (identification number and sender) are correct, advise the sender (web store) of this problem.

I have a different problem.

If you have a different problem, our 24 hour Customer Service will be happy to help.
You can put your question by touching the Help tile on the screen. If you wish to ask your question by phone, call +36-1-421-7282.