Special and Postage Stamps of the Magyar Posta to be issued in 2013 - Subscription


3D and musical stamps in next year’s stamp issue programme

On World Post Day Magyar Posta published its stamp issue programme for 2013. As customary, the stamps to be released deal with special anniversaries in Hungarian cultural history as well as special international events and their Hungarian connections. Series popular with collectors will continue and so next year twenty-two special stamps, three commemorative blocks and five commemorative miniature sheets are due to be released.

In 2013 Košice will be the European Capital of Culture. A stamp block will show the main sights of the city. Next year eminent Hungarian personalities will be remembered on the anniversaries of their birth. Those who will appear on stampsarethebotanist Dr MiklósUjvárosi, the writer, poet, dramatist, journalist and teacher GézaGárdonyi,thephotographer Robert Capa (Endre Ernő Friedmann), and the painter, sculptor, applied artist and outstanding proponent of Art Nouveau AladárKörösfői-Kriesch. To mark the bicentenary of their birth, stamps in honour of Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner are intended to be released, which will conjure up the works of these world-famous musicians in addition to being a feast for the eye.

The mass production of the Model-T Ford started 100 years ago. This novel manufacturing technology was partly due to the work of József Galamb, and so the stamp to be released in February will also commemorate the Ford Motor Company’s designer.

For the first time ever in Hungarian philately, stamps will be issued which can be brought to life using 3D glasses. This unusual release will feature exceptional pieces from the CalciteCrystalMuseum in Fertőrákos and the LampMuseum in Zsámbék as part of the series presenting the treasures of Hungarian museums. The stamp designs of the set and block the Fauna of Hungary are intended to show a selection of the predatory and insectivorous mammals indigenous to Hungary, such as the hedgehog, the lynx, the stoat, the bat and the pygmy shrew.

In keeping with tradition a two denomination set of stamps will be issued for Stamp Day and a stamp block with a surcharge will be on sale to support organised domestic stamp collecting. The 86th Stamp Day will be held on 3 May 2013 in Székesfehérvár. Next year the miniature sheet with a surcharge to support youth stamp collecting will commemorate the centenary of the birth of the Hungarian poet Sándor Weöres.

The exclusive series of philatelic miniature sheets started in 2012 will continue, showing details of one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, the Hungarian Parliament. Magyar Posta will also start a new series next year, presenting Hungarian saints and blesseds.

Over recent years, Magyar Posta has won the best EUROPA stamp on four occasions in PostEurop’s public vote. Next year European stamp issuers can compete with stamps on the subject of the Postman Van. Collectors of railway stamps will find releases of interest among the 2013 issues as a two-denomination set will depict the Hungarian Railways M61 (NOHAB) diesel engine and V43 electric locomotive.

To celebrate international sporting events in 2013, stamps will commemorate the European Judo Championships, the World Fencing Championships and the World Wrestling Championships. Stamps will also be released in honour of the 100-year-old Hungarian Ski Association and the 125-year-old MTK Football Club. Magyar Posta plans a joint stamp issue with Azerbaijan’s national post in 2013.

The usual subjects of Easter, Christmas, antique furniture and protected domestic flowers will naturally also appear as needed on postage stamps next year. The series Tourism and Health tourism – Spas are continuing. The former will depict the Szeged Cathedral, the lookout tower on MargaretIsland and the Orfű spring house, while the latter will show the Széchenyi Thermal Baths and Swimming Pool.

The range of postage stamps will become more colourful through the release of denominations featuring characters from fairy tales and comics as well as on the subjects of good wishes and greetings.

Magyar Posta plans to release in its range of special stamps 22 stamps, 3 blocks and 5 miniature sheets in 2013. The total annual face value is expected to be HUF 14,200, to which surcharges amounting to HUF 300 will be added. Of this, HUF 200 will be devoted to organised stamp collecting in Hungary and HUF 100 to popularising youth stamp collecting. The number of regular postage stamps issued next year will be determined by the demand for postage.