There is an MPL API in the works! MPL is working on a development project in order to provide webshop operators or customers using enterprise management systems with the option to integrate modules needed for dispatching MPL parcels into their own systems through the use of an application programming interface. Using the API will make the use of addressing and address label completion functions, and the tracking of parcels much smoother and faster.

Domestic and International parcel MPL API services
Address label completion API After the data pertaining to the order is submitted, it returns a label image automatically.
Tracking API Information about the transport of a mail item.
Delivery points API It provides up-to-date data about available delivery points for display in a webshop
- by postal code;
- by type (Parcel terminal, MOL, Coop, etc.);
- by payment method;
- by business hours.
Mail item reporting API Information about the status of the mail item and cash-on-delivery events that are currently provided in e-mail messages to our customers.

What are the benefits of using the MPL API?

  • CONVENIENT: Our business customers that operate a UNAS webshop can already use our parcel dispatch system without the desktop label completion program. Thanks to the MPL integration, parcels can already be dispatched through the API, without having to use dedicated CSV or XLS files.
  • SECURE: Data exchange is performed outside the e-mail channels in a secure manner.
  • COST EFFICIENT: Using the API streamlines and accelerates corporate processes, and thereby requires fewer resources.
Preparation of parcel labels
Dispatch of parcels for domestic delivery
Management of small parcels and palletized items
Optional additional services: 1-working-day time guarantee, insured items, payment for goods,bulky and fragile items, selectable retention time, pallet replacement
delivery to the door, parcel terminal, Postal Point, poste restante

How do I sign up?

  • You need to sign a contract and register before you can use the API.


I would like to sign a contract, how should I proceed?

Please contact us. For further information, please click HERE!

I already have a contract with MPL. How do I register?

In order to register you need to complete a datasheet. For further information, please click HERE!

How is authentication done when calling APIs?

To access the APIs, the calling application must authenticate itself. In all cases, authentication is performed using the authentication keys configured in the calling application.

How do I get API keys?

The developer representing the company can access these APIs on the Developer Portal by selecting the Applications menu item after logging in. In order to log in, you need to register.

I want to ask something else.

Please contact our Business customer services through the following channels.


Please contact our Business customer services
Write to us:

Phone: 36-1-767-8272

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