What is a Parcel Terminal?

Parcel Terminals are a bank of lockers of different sizes equipped with an interface in the form of a touch screen, which offer an alternative to the home delivery of parcels or sending parcels from a post office. Parcel Terminals are usually available 24 hours a day and can be used for both sending parcels and receiving parcels ordered from web stores.

How can I order to a Parcel Terminal?

When shopping at a web store, select the Parcel Terminal delivery method, then choose which MPL Parcel Terminal you would like your parcel to be delivered to. If you are expecting a delivery from a private individual, tell the person which MPL Parcel Terminal to send your parcel to.

How can I collect my order?

We will notify you by SMS text message or e-mail when your parcel has arrived at the Parcel Terminal and send you the 6-digit code necessary to collect it in the message notifying you. Then just enter the collection code you received on the terminal’s touch screen and the terminal will open the locker containing your parcel. If you have ordered the parcel with payment for goods (cash on delivery), you can settle the amount due by card at the parcel terminal’s payment terminal. In this case, the locker will open after successful payment by bank card.

Where are the Parcel Terminals located?

You can easily find the MPL Parcel Terminal nearest you by checking Post Finder on posta.hu or in the Posta mobile application.

How fast will I receive my order?

When the web store has assembled the ordered goods and handed the parcel over to Magyar Posta for delivery, the parcel will usually arrive at the Parcel Terminal on the working day after the day of dispatch. We will inform you of its arrival in an electronic notification (SMS text message and/or e-mail).

How safe is my parcel in the Parcel Terminal?

The parcels’ safety is protected by both mechanical and electronic security features, and the lockers are protected against water damage caused by the weather. (However, it should be noted that the terminals are neither heated nor cooled.) The terminals are located in well-frequented places, usually outdoors. The safe collection of parcels is guaranteed by a CTTV system and automatic lighting. Magyar Posta takes out insurance for parcels placed in its Parcel Terminals, so your parcel is completely safe.

Can the terminals also be used at night?

Terminals which are located outdoors or in building that are open around the clock can be used at night as well. The installed lighting ensures that the terminal and its surroundings are well lit.


How can I send a parcel addressed to a Parcel Terminal?

MPL Business Parcels can be addressed to a Parcel Terminal. You can address an MPL Business Parcel to a Parcel Terminal by writing the name of the addressee and the address of the Parcel Terminal on the online address label. You can create an online address label on the page webcik.posta.hu. So that we can notify the addressee, please give the addressee’s name, e-mail address and a phone number that can receive SMS text messages. Please make sure that the e-mail address and phone number are accurate, otherwise the notification that the parcel is available for collection will not reach the addressee. What if there is no Parcel Terminal near you? The good news is that you can send a parcel to a Parcel Terminal not only through our terminals, but also from post offices.

Can I send a parcel addressed to a Parcel Terminal using the “Addressee pays” service?

At present this service is not available for parcels addressed to a Parcel Terminal.

How can I send a parcel from a Parcel Terminal?

To send a parcel from the terminal, you have to make an online address label on our website.
After completing the address label (which does not require registration), you will receive an 8-digit dispatch code and a QR code by e-mail. After entering the 8-digit code or scanning the received QR code with a barcode scanner, you can pay the postage by bank card. The terminal automatically selects a locker that fits your parcel. This opens after payment is made and then the parcel can be placed in the locker. (A map of the lockers appears on the screen, where you can see which locker has opened.)

I want to make an address label. Where do I find the completion program?

The address label completion program is available on the posta.hu website and can be launched directly from the following link: https://webcik.posta.hu/bejelentkezes.aspx

Do I need to print the address label in advance at home or at the Parcel Terminal?

No. You don’t need to print a label either in advance or at the Parcel Terminal. Just enter the necessary details on the online platform. An address label will be affixed to the parcel by postal staff after your parcel has been removed from the locker for forwarding to the distribution centre.

I paid the postage for sending a parcel at the Parcel Terminal, but I couldn’t put my parcel in the locker because the parcel was bigger than the size I had previously given in the address label completion application. What can I do?

You can indicate on the screen if you could not put your parcel in the locker because the size of the locker was too small. The Parcel Terminal will then automatically offer you another, larger locker if one is available.
If there is no free larger locker, you can post your parcel later, either at the same or another Parcel Terminal. If you want to claim back the postage paid for the parcel instead of posting your parcel later, you can call +36 1 421 7282 to request the repayment of the postage.

I paid the postage for sending a parcel at a Parcel Terminal but I couldn’t put the parcel in the locker. How can I claim the postage back?

Call Customer Service on +36 1 421 7282. We will refund the postage for the parcel within 30 days of receiving your claim.

I received the wrong product. Can I return it to the web store from the Parcel Terminal?

If there is a printed address label in the parcel, you can affix it to the parcel to be returned and scan the affixed address label on the screen of the terminal or enter the parcel’s ID number given on the label by typing.
If you do not have a printed address label, you can still return your parcel very easily. To return a parcel (i.e. to use the inverz parcel service), you need to create an online address label on our website, where you can choose from a drop-down list which partner contracted with Magyar Posta you would like to return the parcel to. After completing the address label, you will receive an 8-digit dispatch code and a QR code by e-mail. After entering the 8-digit code or scanning the received QR code with a barcode scanner, you will be able to place the parcel to be returned into the locker offered. Returning a parcel to one of the web stores that appear in the drop-down list is free of charge.

I want to send more than one parcel. Can I put them into one locker if they fit in?

No, each parcel must be put into a separate locker.

By what time must I send a parcel from a Parcel Terminal if I want to make sure it reaches the addressee by the next day?

If you choose a 1 working day time guarantee and place your parcel into the terminal by 2 pm, the addressee will certainly receive it on the next working day.

How can I pay the postage?

You can pay the postage given on the address label at the terminal using a bank card. Paying the postage by bank card is classified as a purchase.

Who can help me if the locker does not open?

Please call Customer Service on +36 1 421 7282.

Can I receive an invoice for the dispatch?

Parcel Terminals do not print invoices. If you need an invoice for the dispatch when making the payment, you should post the parcel at a post office.

Can the address for delivery be the same as the address for dispatch? (I place the parcel in a terminal and want the addressee to receive it from the same terminal.)

Yes. In this case the addressee may collect the parcel from the terminal on the next day at the earliest.

What happens if there is no free locker to send a parcel at the terminal?

The lockers of the terminals are emptied several times during the day. However, should you find that all the lockers are full, please try sending your parcel later.


How will I know that my parcel has arrived in the Parcel Terminal?

We will notify you of its arrival in an SMS text message and e-mail containing the unique 6-digit code needed to collect it. Do not share the code you receive with anyone.

How can I take my parcel out of the terminal?

To take the parcel out, all you need to do is enter the 6-digit collection code received by SMS text message and e-mail on the touch screen of the terminal. It only takes a second. If you chose the cash on delivery payment method when ordering, the locker containing your parcel will open after successful payment by bank card. The locker which your parcel is in will be shown on the screen.

Can someone else collect my parcel addressed to a Parcel Terminal?

Can someone else collect my parcel addressed to a Parcel Terminal?

I ordered a cash on delivery parcel. Can I pay in cash at the terminal?

No. You can only pay by bank card (for contactless payment by smart phone or smart watch) at Parcel Terminals.

This morning I did not receive a notification about the arrival of my parcel. Will I now only be able to collect my order tomorrow?

Not necessarily. You will be notified after your parcel has been placed in the terminal, which could happen not only in the morning as terminals are filled throughout the day as well.

Why didn’t I get a notification about the arrival of my parcel?

We send a notification to the e-mail address and telephone number received at the time of dispatch. If you have a problem, please call Customer Service on +36 1 421 7282.

How long do I have to collect my parcel?

Parcels are stored in the terminal for 2 days.

What happens if I don’t collect the parcel within the period of time given in the SMS text message or e-mail?

If you can’t collect your parcel during the period of time available, you will receive another SMS text message informing you of the address of a post office nearby and how long the parcel will be held for collection there. You will have 5 or 10 working days to collect the parcel dependent on the retention period the sender chose for the parcel at the time of dispatch.

Is there a storage fee if I don’t collect the parcel from a post office instead of the terminal?

There is no storage fee. You can collect your parcel at a nearby post office within the given retention period without paying any further fee.

I read on the web store’s page that the delivery fee is more advantageous for delivery to a Parcel Terminal than otherwise. Is that always true?

Most web stores charge a lower delivery fee for orders to a Parcel Terminal than for home delivery, so it is always worthwhile asking for this delivery option.

What happens if there is no parcel in the terminal?

If, when you go to collect your parcel, you open the locker in which it should be and the locker is empty, you can indicate this on the terminal’s display. After that, please call our Customer Service on +36 1 421 7282.

What can I do if the Parcel Terminal is out of order and I can’t receive my parcel?

If you come across a faulty Parcel Terminal, please report it by completing the form Request for information about Parcel Terminals or by calling our Customer Service on +36 1 421 7282.

What happens if there is no free locker at a Parcel Terminal?

If your parcel cannot be placed in a locker when a terminal is filled on the first occasion on a day, there will usually be an empty locker of the right size the next time it is filled. If nevertheless it is still full, we will contact you by phone to agree about any other delivery method.

How do I know where to find the terminal within a shopping centre or at a large public area?

You can find detailed information about the exact location of parcel terminals in the Post Finder on posta.hu or in the Posta mobile application.

There is no Parcel Terminal where I live. What other options do I have?

We are constantly expanding our network of Parcel Terminals, so you may have one near your home before long. If there are a few free square metres in your town, at your company premises or on your private property where you would like to have a Parcel Terminal, please indicate this by completing the contact form.


What can I order and what can I send to a Parcel Terminal?

Any object or article that is not prohibited from transport by post by law or by Magyar Posta’s General Terms and Conditions which, after wrapping, is not larger than 31 x 35 x 50 cm and weighs no more than 20 kg. The value of the goods and the amount of the payment for goods (cash on delivery) may not be more than HUF 200,000. Parcel Terminals are neither heated nor cooled, so it is a good idea to consider this when choosing your goods.

I read that the maximum size for a parcel that can be sent to a Parcel Terminal is 31 x 35 x 50 cm. Can I send a 30 x 40 x 60 cm parcel?

Unfortunately, not. The Parcel Terminal’s locker sizes are fixed and, even if two sizes are shorter, this parcel would not fit into a locker as its third side is 40 cm.

I would like to send a 25 kg parcel. Can I send it from a terminal?

The maximum weight of a parcel that can be placed in a terminal is 20 kg. You can send parcels weighing over 20 kg from a post office or, in large towns, you can ask to have a parcel picked up from your home.

The web store informed me that I cannot receive my parcel worth HUF 210,000 from a Parcel Terminal. Why?

At present, the value of parcels that can be sent to a Parcel Terminal may not exceed HUF 200,000.

I want to pay for my order when I receive it at the terminal. Is this possible?

Yes, you can pay the price of the goods ordered to a Parcel Terminal at the terminal before receiving it using a bank card.


How can I track my parcel?

By entering the first 13 characters of the parcel’s ID number, you can find out about the parcel’s lifecycle on our Tracking page or via the Posta mobile application.

Do I have to pay for using the Tracking service?

No, tracking is included in the basic fee.

“Parcel ID number not valid” error message is displayed in the Tracking service. What could be the reason for this?

You may have entered the wrong parcel ID number.
Please check the number you have entered. The system only accepts ID numbers in the given format. Domestic postal parcel ID numbers consist of 13 characters, which include both letters and numbers.