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Hungarian saints and blesseds

Magyar Posta is continuing the presentation of Hungarian saints and blesseds in 2019. On this occasion the numbered souvenir sheet honours the martyrs of Kassa: Saint Mark, Saint Melchior and Saint Stephen. Together with the standard edition, a special edition using gold and silver ink and a likewise numbered black print limited edition are also being released. The new issue was designed by the graphic artist Imre Benedek and produced by ANY Security Printing Company. The new release is available from Filaposta, philately specialist services, certain post offices and

Szentek VII small

On 7 September 1619, 400 years ago, three priests who refused to abjure the Catholic faith died a martyr’s death in Kassa (today Košice, Slovakia) at the hands of Prince Gábor Bethlen’s hajduks. They were Marko Krizin, the canon of Esztergom and archdeacon of Komárom, who was of Croatian origin, and two Jesuit priests, the Polish Melchior Grodziecki and the Hungarian Stephen Pongrácz. The beatification of the three martyrs was proposed by Péter Pázmány, the archbishop of Esztergom, as early as 1628, but they were only beatified during the papacy of Pius X in 1905. They were canonised by Pope John Paul II in Košice on 2 July 1996. Their feast day is celebrated by the Church on the day of their martyrdom, 7 September.

The Hungarian Saints and Blesseds VII special stamp set includes the standard, special and monochrome philatelic editions of the special souvenir sheet. The last of these may only be purchased in this compilation.

Kapcsolódó szolgáltatások ikon
  • Order code:
    2019230030011 (standard souvenir sheet)
    2019230060012 (FDC with standard souvenir sheet)
    2019231030011 (special souvenir sheet) 2019232030011 (set)
  • Issued on: 1 August 2019
  • Total face value: HUF 900 (On the date of issue, this can be used as a supplementary denomination.) • The price of the set is HUF 3,990.
  • Printing technique: offset; apart from the offset, the special edition is made more unique by the use of gold and silver coloured metallic ink.
  • Number of copies: 60,000 standard edition souvenir sheets (with black numbering), 10,000 special souvenir sheets (with red numbering), 3,000 sets including the souvenir sheets and the black print with identical numbering from 1 to 3,000. (The black print may only be purchased as part of the stamp set and cannot be used to pay for letter-mail postage.)
  • Imperforated size of souvenir sheet: 120 x 74 mm
  • Perforated size of stamps within the sheet: 26 x 34.6 mm
  • Paper type: White, wood-free, surface-treated, gummed stamp paper with optical whitener
  • Printed by ANY Biztonsági Nyomda Nyrt.
  • Designed by Imre Benedek