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Addressee pays

The addressee pays instead of the sender

  • The postage of mail items sent with the addressee pays service (that is sent with unpaid postage or postage due) is paid by the addressee instead of the sender. Such items are placed on deposit at the post office until they are collected.
  • The addressee pays service is available with the Domestic EMS express mail and MPL Business parcel services.
  • You can request this service at post offices but, if you wish to send your mail from home, postage to be paid by the addressee can be requested “at the door” as well.
  • If you request delivery to the door for the item, the price of this special service has to be paid by the sender. Letters and parcels posted in this way are placed on deposit at the post office responsible for delivery to the addressee’s place of residence until collection. 5 to 10 working days are available for paying the postage and picking up the mail.
  • For parcels posted with a guaranteed delivery time and EMS express mail, the fee for the service is the postage for the mail item and the additional price of the addressee pays service as given in the separate product sheets. MPL courier service mail items are delivered to the addressee without having to pay an extra price.

I would like to send a mail item with the addressee pays special service to the United States of America. Can I do that?

Under international agreements, it is not possible to send items with unpaid postage (postage due) by international mail.