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With our tracking service very simply you can obtain information about the dispatch, the delivery or reason for the lack of delivery, and about the placing on deposit of certain types of postal item. The basic fee paid when posting your item already includes the Internet tracking service fee.

What services can it be used with?

  • International postal parcel, international priority postal parcel,
  • Europe+ parcel
  • Domestic EMS express post
  • International EMS express post
  • Time-guaranteed parcel products (start and start plusz)
  • Posta business pack plus (plusz, economic)
  • Inverz parcel plusz
  • Posta sped, posta gold sped
  • Simplified cash on delivery handling (EUV)

Where can I find the item identifier?

Linked to the barcode on the accompanying documents, usually under it. The spaces that break up the printing do not have to be entered.

Other useful information

You can enter the numbers of several accompanying documents at the same time!

Track your item!

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